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Welcome to CyberPilot Online

Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace -- CyberPilot Online.

In this edition, I am trying to address the comments of my "significant other" that I am far to narrow minded in the topics I post here. So, I've added some new areas.

Of note, I've included some photos of the wreck site of the RMS Titanic. I do not enjoy ships, they tend to scare the heck out of me. My luck is that the first trans-Atlantic cruise I ever go on will end with me clutching to the stern of a ship as it plunges into the icy waters...just like old Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie "Titanic." Hence, I prefer dry ground.

I'm working on a few other minor changes as well, so be sure to check back often. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Los Angeles, CA


AVIATION WEATHER -- A great area to help you prepare for an upcoming trip. Numerous maps and other data can be downloaded without having to search all over the Internet.

BOEING 727 INFORMATION EXCHANGE -- Learn more about the Boeing 727, and jet aircraft systems in general, here.


PHOTOS FROM NOTABLE AVIATION ACCIDENTS AND INCIDENTS -- Just what it sounds like…photos from accidents. CAUTION -- May be disturbing to some individuals.

PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE RMS TITANIC -- Alright, this isn't about aviation, but interesting nonetheless. CAUTION -- May be disturbing to some individuals, especially to those (like me) that are terrified of ships.

CVR EXTRACTS -- These are actual Cockpit Voice Recorder extracts from some accidents and incidents. CAUTION -- May be disturbing to some individuals.


ENGLISH SPOKEN HERE -- Delightful examples of English mix-ups from restaurant menus and signs worldwide.

MY PERSONAL SOAPBOX -- Pilots always have an opinion on everything. Here's my place to "sound off" on things that bother me…which are numerous.

INTERESTING LINKS & WEB SEARCH -- Links to some interesting places I like to visit. Visit the BBC and Channel Africa and listen using Real Audio! You can even visit IRDP (Independent Radio Drama Productions) to listen to their "Play of the Month" in Real Audio! Of course, you can simply search the web if you so desire.

E-MAIL ME HERE -- Drop me a line or two telling me what you think before you leave.

This site was last updated: August 17, 1998