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"Geez, Rob. This is supposed to be a aviation site, isn't it?" Well, yes it is. However, part of being a pilot is having an opinion on everything whether it be regarding aviation or not. As a result, this is the place I created where I can run at the mouth.


If there were "beheadings" in the modern day Monarchy, the person who snapped this photograph probably would not be with us any longer.

Here we see young Prince William with what I call his, "I want to see you dead" look. Even the normally expressionless Prince Charles has the look that says, "You gotta be kidding trying to take our picture right now."

As if it wasn't enough the paparazzi hounded Princess Diana at every turn, the same group of people just had to get the "royal reaction" on the day of her funeral.

Get a life world! Funerals are simply that…funerals. They are not photo opportunities!

Hats off to the tens of thousands who lined London's streets the day of Diana's funeral, however. It is my opinion that the crowd behaved in the most civilized of manners…sans the cameras.

Had such an event transpired in the United States, there would have been numerous idiots lining the streets with protest signs trying to get some free publicity for their usually warped causes.



Should you have the burning need to see this again, REFRESH your screen.

Okay folks, this kind of stuff was cute for a little while, but it's starting to get awfully old nowadays.

If you don't like Clinton, call your elected representatives and voice your opinion to have him removed from office. There is a process we can follow, remember?

Please, I don't want e-mail from Rush Limbaugh disciples telling me to listen to his little AM radio show. Trust me, I've listened…many times. I am definitely not impressed.

Rush's problem, as I see it, is that he gets people, and a lot of them, riled up then leaves them "hanging" with no further guidance. Basically, his radio show is three hours of complainers, but still these people do nothing to change the political situation.

Here's another scenario to consider. "If we remove Clinton from office, we are stuck with Gore." Think about that…think long and hard about that.

On a final note, remember that we have less than two years of President Clinton's administration remaining. If Republicans want to win back the White House, they'd better find somebody younger and more energetic to nominate.


We are being lied to so bad here, it isn't even funny. That flight was SHOT down. I wouldn't be surprised if it was our own military that did it, either. (Remember, the US military has accidentally shot down civilian airliners before…and they were conducting exercises in the area the night of the downing.) I may elaborate on this further at some later point.