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The following "Pink Series" Aeronautical Information Circulars are from the U.K. C.A.A. You will need to be able to view .PDF files to utilize these documents. It is recommended that you use Adobe's Acrobat Reader version 3. Webmaster's Note -- I have generally found that UK AIC's are much more informative and in depth than the AC system we have here in the United States. I consider these to be "must read" documents no matter where you fly.


Pink 76 -- Frost, Ice, and Snow on Aircraft

Pink 84 -- In-Flight Aeroplane Damage

Pink 90 -- Crew Resource Management

Pink 91 -- Rejected Takeoff (RTO) - UK-Registered Aircraft

Pink 95 -- Wake Turbulence

Pink 102 -- Handling Aircraft Emergency Diversions

Pink 105 -- Turboprop and Other Propeller-Driven Aeroplanes: Icing-Induced Stalls

Pink 110 -- Crew Resource Management Training

Pink 120 -- Takeoff, Climb, and Landing Performance of Light Aircraft

Pink 129 -- Effect of Thunderstorms /Associated Turbulence on Aircraft Operations

Pink 131 -- Operations on Runways Contaminated with Snow, Slush, or Water

Pink 140 -- Low Altitude Windshear

 Pink 153 -- Propeller Feathering on Twin Piston Engined Aircraft


Pink 156 -- Skin Contact with Aviation Fuels

Pink 158 -- Limitations of Non-Directional Beacons and ADF Equipment

Pink 160 -- Flight over and the in the Vicinity of High Ground

Pink 161 -- Induction System Icing on Piston Engines as Fitted to Aeroplanes

Pink 164 -- Landing Performance of Large Transport Aeroplanes

Pink 169 -- Ground De-Icing of Aircraft: Recommendations for Holdover Times